How to Find a UPS, DHL, FedEx, or USPS Drop Off Near Me

Published on May 7, 2024
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Finding a place to drop off your parcels can be easy—so long as you already have a label printed! If you haven’t printed the label, you’re going to need to head to a carrier facility or a self-service kiosk to get one printed. You can also use a program like Shipbot to print a label at home. If you are a business owner and need to print out a lot of labels every week, you should be using a shipping app like ShipStation. This will expedite the process of dropping off your parcels, give you cheaper shipping options, and even let you schedule carrier pickups! For where to find carrier dropoff facilities near you, though, we have gathered information on where to take your packages!  

What is a Carrier Dropoff Location? 

If you aren’t buying postage from a carrier facility, you may be wondering “do I have to go to the post office at all?” The answer, luckily, is no. When you generate postage online, you can skip the post office lines and drop the parcels off at a carrier-authorized receptacle. 

USPS Dropoff Locations

The USPS has many dropoff locations across the country. Of course, there are post offices in most areas since the postal service has such a large presence. However, there are also mail receptacles and self-service kiosks available in many areas. Unlike other carriers, however, the USPS doesn’t have the types of partnerships with retailers that other carriers like UPS or FedEx have. 

UPS Dropoff Locations

UPS lets you drop off at a wide range of locations. You don’t have to go directly to a UPS store or facility to drop off parcels. You can use drop boxes or authorized UPS access points. These are certified UPS locations like participating Staples, CVSs or other stores. To find the nearest UPS dropoff locations near you, enter your postal code into the UPS Dropoff locator

FedEx Dropoff Locations

Like UPS, FedExs has a lot of options beyond FedEx stores to drop off your parcels. With a long list of options to choose from, like Dollar General, Walmart, and Target also offer dropoff services for your parcels. Depending on where you live, this can save a lot of time for a small number of parcels.

DHL Dropoff Locations

International shipping can be simplified with DHL. If you want to find a way to ship your international parcels, DHL offers great rates for express day-definite international services. Keep in mind, though, that they don’t have the same presence in all parts of the US that other carriers do. But, there are many locations nationwide where you can drop off your parcels with them. 

Can the Carrier Pick Up the Parcel? 

If you are a merchant that ships regularly, there isn’t the same need to go to the post office frequently. Unless you are sending off an express shipment that NEEDS to go out ASAP, you should be bringing the carrier to you. Luckily, scheduling carrier pickups is easy. 

How ShipStation Solves Carrier Dropoffs 

Schedule a Carrier Pickup with ShipStation

ShipStation makes it simple to bring the carrier to you. With our pickup scheduler, you simply enter how many packages you have and you can have the carrier come to you to collect your parcels. Currently, ShipStation offers this feature for UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx accounts. So, regardless of how you need to ship your packages, we have an option that will fit into your schedule. Afterall, running an online business is demanding enough. You don’t need to go wait in a line with pile of boxes. And if you are paying for your labels when you drop the packages off, you are missing out on a lot of savings.

Stop Paying Retail Rates! 

With ShipStation, you don’t pay the retail rates you pay at the counter. We work closely with carriers to give you better shipping rates. As a result, you get commercial base pricing from USPS, as well as deep discounts on DHL, UPS, and more. The more carriers you have access to, the better rates you can find for specific shipments. You can also connect to many carriers, selling channels, and other order sources. 

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