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Published on January 4, 2022
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You may be familiar with the term “unboxing,” which means to take something out of a box. But did you know that there are 1.6 million videos on YouTube devoted to unboxing, and that number is growing fast – by 57% a year, according to Google.

While creating an unboxing video might be a good idea, first you need to consider how to make the unboxing experience great for your customers. Why? Because opening up your box is a social occasion that partially replaces shopping in brick and mortar stores. Think about it. Holding your shipping box is the first time customers hold your brand in their hands. That’s powerful stuff.

There are many ways to create an amazing unboxing experience for your customers. One way is through custom printing and branding your shipping boxes. Another is to use branded and personalized in-box marketing materials, such as packing slips, care instructions and thank you notes.

A third way being used more frequently today is by including branded messages printed inside the shipping box.

Why Inside?

The outside of a shipping box must include a label and tape, which takes away from the amount of branding you can do. But the inside of the box is 100% available for your message.

An example is from ShipStation customer Unzipped Citizen, a subscription underwear and sock club. Unzipped Citizen decided to communicate their message and brand, on the inside of their mailer box.unzippedcitizen

According to Dennis Salazar, whose company Green Packaging Group designed and printed the boxes, Unzipped Citizen chose a white interior and then placed their message on the lid and inside base of the box to make sure the copy stood out. This way when you open the box and after the order contents are removed, the Unzipped Citizen message stands out beautifully.

“Printing on the inside of a shipping box is a new trend,” says Matt Ruggle, eCommerce Manager from Custom Boxes Now. “When customers find out it’s an option, they get excited. It offers a Wow! Factor. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much to add printing to the inside of the box. People are pleasantly surprised.”

What Should You Say?

There are many options for printing inside the box. You could include:

  • A thank-you
  • Instructions on how to use the product
  • Your logo, website and tagline
  • Customer reviews
  • Your company’s mission statement and/or a note from the founders
  • A funny line, like the one below, from a holiday edition box from ShipStation customer DateBox Club, offering everything you need for a fun and creative date each month, delivered to your door


How About Some Color?

If you really want to make a statement, you can use a bright color in addition to printing on the inside of the box.

This example is from Indie Box, a subscription service that delivers collector’s edition versions of indie games to your door every month.


A flash of bright color can delight customers. Here are some additional options:

  • Change the inside color depending on the season
  • Print a cool design using your brand’s colors
  • Show a unique take on your logo
  • Use colorful or even black and white graphic prints to add some fun. Here’s another example from Datebox:

datebox inside

So don’t miss out on that exciting moment when customers first open their box. Consider using a printed message, maybe even with color. Your customers will be wowed.

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