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Published on January 4, 2022
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We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Demac Media! Their boutique eCommerce agency is dedicated to being the very best in design, development for merchants in North America. It has been  Demac’s mission to create the best eCommerce solutions for their clients, that’s why they exclusively provide eCommerce design & development.  The team at Demac are experts in working with Magento and Shopify, which has allowed them to develop a number of proprietary software technologies that have helped their merchants achieve triple-digit growth year over year. Their roadmap to grow your eCommerce business includes:

  • Plan: The Demac team will structure their planning stage activities for identifying and evaluating your current online commerce store, strategy and processes. This question-driven approach is to help them build an agile roadmap which will outline the urgent, immediate, and long-term features and functionality your company needs to be successful.
  • Build: Based on priority defined by both teams, Demac Media begins executing on the functional requirements document. After each milestone, a feedback loop is initiated to confirm progress and adjustments.
  • Grow: The grow services give you access to the Demac Media in-house digital marketing experts. They will work with you to define outcomes and the digital methods you’d like to pursue. Each activity initiates a feedback loop to adjust goals and monthly dashboard review

At ShipStation we pride ourselves in partnering with the leaders of the eCommerce industry like Demac Media. With a goal of providing top of the line solutions and design for specifically eCommerce clients, this new partnership is a match made in heaven. Let Demac Media + ShipStation solve all your online business needs, start your free trial today!

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