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Published on January 4, 2022
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This post is contributed by Senior Account Manager James Nelson of Wish. As Wish expands to multiple applications in different verticals, James engages with existing US brands to maximize their potential on the Wish marketplace. 

As smartphones become more ubiquitous and retailers improve their presence on the mobile web, more and more customers are using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases everyday. While some retailers are catching up with this largely untapped market, many still struggle to engage customers on their mobile devices. Wish’s integration with ShipStation makes it easy for businesses to sell products to millions of mobile customers.

Mobile commerce is growing extremely quickly

In the United States, 80% of all online adults own a smartphone (roughly 125m individuals), of which one-third have made a mobile purchase. Combine that with 1.6 billion mobile shoppers globally and the potential of mobile commerce becomes obvious. Mobile commerce accounted for 30% of all US e-commerce in 2015 and mobile commerce is not slowing its progress, growing 300% faster than e-commerce globally. Mobile commerce has an effect upon brick and mortar stores as well, either for the purpose of informing their in-store purchase through webrooming or acting as an exhibition hall for products through showrooming.

Now is the time to engage your mobile customers

Traditional e-commerce marketplaces have already adapted to mobile and your products are likely visible on their mobile applications. Likewise for individual websites, mobile friendly designs receive priority on search engines and faster loading times result in higher conversion rates. Another important strategy for mobile is to take advantage of marketplaces built on mobile for mobile devices. Wish, ranked #4 in the Apple App store and Gilt, ranked #64, are two examples of mobile first marketplaces that leverage mobile features to boost conversion rates.

Wish and ShipStation make it easy to reach millions of mobile customers

Wish and ShipStation already have a partnership, so listing your products on the marketplace is seamless. Taking advantage of the mobile landscape, Wish is growing at 100,000 new shoppers per day across 60 countries. This growth of a customer base that already exceeds 100 million (of which over 1 million are daily active shoppers) makes Wish one of the most successful marketplaces to adopt mobile.

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