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Published on January 4, 2022
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When we launched the first ever #ShipStationSweepstakes, it wasn’t just about the workstation upgrade grand prize. It was also about saying thanks to everyone that took the time to play along!

Enter the weekly give-aways. We randomly picked 5 entrants—one for each week the contest was running—and sent them a bag of ShipStation swag.

From hats to our custom Freakers to t-shirts to our branded Field Notes notebooks, we sent out 5 care packages to 5 winners, all of whom turned out to be ShipStation users! We asked them a few questions about their experiences with ShipStation and wanted to share it with all of you:

How has ShipStation improved your shipping processes?

Derek Duff, LuLaRoe by Anna Duff, Week 1 Winner: ShipStation was the first shipping platform we evaluated. We were really attracted because it is a web-based platform and can be used from multiple devices, the clean user interface and overall ease to get started.

John Macris, Philadelphia Candies, Week 2 Winner: ShipStation has allowed our business to focus more on making quality chocolates and spend less time manually processing orders.

Phyllis Khoshatefeh, Rock’N Sports Store, Week 3 Winner: It has allowed us to simplify our shipping department’s procedures. Prior to using ShipStation, our shipping people received pick lists from each sales channel in different formats and were responsible for insuring that packing slips were correct and email receipts were sent through those different channels. This meant training them on multiple systems which resulted in lots of errors.

Michael Stephens, American Made Goods, Week 4 Winner: We are a small company and we used to manually process each shipment, which took close to an hour each time. Utilizing ShipStation’s filters, rules, and batch functions has helped us save time and be able to focus on other important aspects of our business.

Marc Petersen, Midwest Orion, Week 5 Winner:Its a massive benefit to be able to process sales in the office and print labels at our warehouse location. ShipStation is a great asset for us.

What made your business decide to start using ShipStation?

Derek Duff: We were looking to automate our shipping as much as possible to make sure it is scalable as we grow. ShipStation offers multiple integrated platforms and is easy to use use with unsupported systems providing templates for easy-to-load customer and order lists.

John Macris: I found the ability to compare rates and transit times between carriers to be attractive, without the need to switch between competing software applications. It’s also a huge time saver to be able to point-and-click to print a packing slip and shipping label. The address verification is also a huge plus and helps to prevent insufficient addresses.

Phyllis Khoshatefeh: We were looking for a flexible shipping solution that allowed us to integrate with all of our channels seamlessly – eBay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, Etsy & Shopify — and provide our shipping department with a consistent method of shipping no matter the channel. The perfect system included integrated email notices that could be customized by various criteria.

Michael Stephens: ShipStation integrated with all of our e-commerce platforms. The pricing tiers are reasonable compared to some other companies.

Marc Petersen: I thought I was pretty satisfied when I was using Auctane. I ran into some issues with Auctane during the holiday season last year and tried a trial of ShipStation. There was no going back after that.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

Derek Duff: I really enjoy the automatic tracking emails sent to our customers so they know when product was shipped and they are contacted when a product arrives. The new updates to the emails (the Branded Tracking Page) are fantastic looking and make our business look extremely professional.

John Macris: My favorite ShipStation feature by far is Label Messages which allows us to add information about the order directly to the shipping label. Based on the love for this feature, I actually submitted an idea request to continue building out the existing functionality.

Phyllis Khoshatefeh: Not only can we print custom emails and packing slips for each sales channel, but we can also set automation rules that allow us to add special messages depending on preset circumstances. We use this to inform the customer when a partial shipment will be fulfilled from another warehouse. We have also used it to print channel specific coupons on packing lists.

We have several printers in different locations, and we are able to distribute documents to the appropriate printer based upon preset criteria.

ShipStation has virtually eliminated human error in the creation of documents and improved our pick and pack procedures by producing an integrated “Pick List”.

Michael Stephens: The batch function is our favorite. It allows us to process our different shipments quickly.

Marc Petersen: I love the product automation, and it is a huge time saver. I like that I have another source for sales reports as well.

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