Oracle NetSuite Names ShipStation Its SuiteCloud Partner of The Year for 2020

Published on March 25, 2022
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Ecommerce has exploded since the start of the new year, with store doors having to shut. For businesses that had a limited ecommerce strategy or none at all, plans to make it more robust were expedited. 

That’s where our partnership with cloud ERP provider NetSuite comes in. Finding a shipping solution that pairs well with an ERP platform can take time to perfect. When you’re shipping hundreds or thousands of orders at once, this process needs to be responsive and seamless. Scalability is crucial when integrating a new process into a workflow—particularly when integrating with such an all-encompassing platform like NetSuite.

But a lot more goes into ShipStation’s partnership with NetSuite than just a technical integration. ShipStation and NetSuite have teams that collaborate and help set mutual customers up for success. This level of collaboration is crucial. 

NetSuite naming ShipStation its SuiteCloud partner of the year is a great honor because it punctuates our shared commitment to empowering merchants’ growth. The SuiteCloud platform is NetSuite’s platform to build ISV applications that further extend the power of NetSuite.Building the smoothest workflows and integration between these merchants’ different platforms takes time, eagerness, and communication. 

Reaction from ShipStation

“ShipStation is honored to be recognized as NetSuite’s Partner of the Year and look forward to our joint mission of helping merchants grow!” 

-Russel Griffin, ShipStation, Vice President, Global Solutions Provider 

Testimonial from NetSuite and ShipStation Customer Cotopaxi 

Cotopaxi is one of the organizations benefiting from how simple the shipping process can be when integrating ShipStation into its NetSuite workflow. 

“A lot of it comes down to what we’re trying to do as a company and what works. You have to look at 2 things, you have your system for doing things, and you try and layer your business processes on top of that. We then use Nova Module to push the orders into ShipStation so that all the orders are in the box and ready to be weighed. It does the order evaluation of what’s quickest and/or what’s cheapest. Then the item is pretty much ready to be shipped out. Then we communicate that back to NetSuite, then back to Shopify that the items have shipped. It’s a nice flow despite going through all these systems. So ShipStation still fits in these systems.” 

-Sean Weinle, Cotopaxi’s Director of Ops and Data Integrity

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About ShipStation

ShipStation is the world’s leading web-based shipping solution that helps ecommerce retailers import, organize, and ship orders quickly and easily—wherever they sell, however they ship. ShipStation integrates with over 160 of the top marketplaces, selling channels, carriers, and fulfillment providers. Utilize features like auto-selecting shipping preferences, customizable automation rules, multi-carrier rate calculators and shipping, and much more. 

Get organized and efficient with ShipStation the best online shipping platform for your ecommerce business.

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