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Published on January 4, 2022
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A couple months ago, the ShipStation content team was sitting in a conference room discussing our next ebook. We wanted to design a piece that helped ecommerce merchants improve their branding. And we wanted to write about a topic that hadn’t already been discussed ad nauseum.

Over the next few weeks, ideas were thrown around — some good, some… not so good.

But after a few brainstorming sessions (and a lot of whiteboarding), we landed on the concept of how packaging and the shipping experience impact a brand’s reputation.

Branded Shipping

We knew online retailers care about the customer experience and how it affects brand loyalty. And because their website is their storefront, we knew that ecommerce merchants dedicate substantial time and effort into creating an enjoyable online experience for shoppers.

We also knew that there are opportunities to connect with shoppers that many e-retailers aren’t capitalizing on. Specifically, they’re ignoring the time between when an order is placed and when the package is received — a period we decided to call the Brand Dead Zone. (Cool name, right?)

Brand Dead Zone

We set out to create a guide ecommerce merchants could use to understand the Brand Dead Zone and why it shouldn’t be ignored. We wanted to show online retailers how to create a truly exceptional post-purchase experience and keep their brand top of mind for every shopper — right up to (and including) the moment they open the box.

So after hours of writing, designing, editing, revising, rewriting, redesigning, re-editing, and re-revising (we’re kind of perfectionists around here), we created an ebook we’re confident both novice and veteran e-retailers will find valuable.

Without further adieu, we invite you to read our latest ebook, Brand Your Shipping: How to Overcome the Brand Dead Zone. Discover how to develop an effective branding strategy in tandem with your shipping strategy and start building customer loyalty today.

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James Messer

James Messer is a copywriter specializing in shipping, logistics, and ecommerce.

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