Optimise International Shipping with ShipStation + FedEx

Published on August 17, 2022
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In ecommerce, shipping not only connects consumers with their purchases, it also plays a leading role in the market reach of your brand.

In the not-so-distant past, Australian businesses were limited to selling to customers within  national borders. Today, thanks to the internet, brands can expand their customer base across the globe.

However, if you plan to grow your business internationally,  you are going to need shipping software that connects all of the dots for you.

The Role of Shipping in Ecommerce Success 

Shipping platforms enable  ecommerce businesses to manage the shipping process all in one place. Shipping software automates tasks such as order entry, label generation, dispatch, and delivery arrangements. Shipping software also makes sense of “red tape” like international shipments, customs requirements, and foreign currencies. 

Good shipping software helps ecommerce businesses expand their courier options and brand selling points (carbon neutrality, sustainable packaging, returns portals, etc). Good shipping software also communicates delivery updates with customers, and automates the entire shipping process from start to finish.

Shipstation helps ecommerce businesses automate their shipping, save time, and take back control. No matter where or what you sell online, ShipStation gives you the tools required to refine your shipping experience.

ShipStation has also partnered with FedEx to bring ecommerce businesses and their customers even more powerful shipping tools, suitable for international deliveries.
Borders are now irrelevant thanks to the ShipStation + FedEx shipping integration. 

The Challenge of Ecommerce Shipping 

When it comes to shipping, we rely on the details. An incorrect address, change of details, inappropriate delivery speed, or limited handling options, are just a few of the things that can make or break a successful delivery.

Customisable shipping tools let brands adjust the shipping process to meet their exact requirements. With shipping tools like those offered by ShipStation + FedEx, it’s easy to handle complex orders and sustain a high degree of delivery confidence.

In contrast, without shipping customisation tools, brands quickly find themselves unable to address many common shipping challenges. This includes things like third party billing, multi-package delivery, and electronic trade documentation (ETD). 

Unique Shipping Features You Won’t Want to Live Without 

The ShipStation + FedEx integration offers many special features. For example, when using the ShipStation + FedEx integration, ShipStation customers can benefit from exclusive discounts on FedEx Express services.

The ShipStation + FedEx integration also supports: 

  • FedEx Ground Economy for efficient label generations
  • FedEx Home Delivery for residential destinations
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx International Mail Service

FedEx and ShipStation have joined together to help you grow your business online and your product in customers’ hands — FAST! 

With FedEx International Connect Plus, it provides you with 

  • End to end tracking
  • Affordable & competitive rate for express e-commerce shipping  
  • Flexibility and Control
    • Omni-channel delivery solution including home delivery, retail point or locker as BOPIS solution, leave at door, etc. Help customer to reduce shipment return ratio and decrease address change case. 
    • With FedEx Delivery Manager online shoppers can choose the delivery option that suits them best, which is free of charge, easy to use via Email and SMS, and secure.  
  • Both online and offline shipping automation solutions are available for growing your e-commerce business. 
  • Ideal for lightweight (<10kg) and low value shipments

Optimise on International Shipping with ShipStation + FedEx 

These tools and services are specifically designed to keep both businesses and customers happy with their shipping experience.

You can also go the extra mile by offering Saturday Delivery, or send temperature-sensitive products with dry ice.
ShipStation + FedEx effortlessly connects your brand with a trusted logistics network that spans the globe. 

Streamline shipping and go global. Partner your brand with ShipStation + Fedex and save big here.

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