Maurisource specializes in connecting Magento with APIs. Their one time fee investment solutions doesn’t require any middleman subscriptions.

About Maurisource

Maurisource is a web agency focused on Magento integrations and the creators of the “ShipStation as Shipping Method module.” At the helm of Maurisource, the developers believe in omnichannel environments, open source codes and don’t believe in middleman subscriptions. With years of eCommerce experience, the team has the capability to work with the most innovative projects. However, not everything is about the technical aspects of the business, they also craft your story by giving you the technological edge over your competitors.

Maurisource Features We Support

  • Magento 1 & 2 Development Agency
  • API Integrations with OAuth Tokens
  • Retrieve Live Rates
  • Display Rates in Cart estimator + Checkout process
  • Hooked to Shipstation via API Key
  • Multiple Carriers supported
  • Shipstation appears as Shipping Method in Magento admin
  • Handling fees support
  • Failover table rate system
  • Works in parallel with ShipStation official module
  • Supports latest Magento version
  • No Middleman Solutions
  • One-time Fee Solutions

ShipStation ♥ Maurisource

ShipStation as Shipping Method module offers full API integration of ShipStation Live Rates in Magento and allows using ShipStation as a Shipping method in Magento. Hook up your ShipStation account access key in the module, Magento displays in your Cart & Checkout supported known carriers Live Rates retrieved from your account. (USPS, Canada Post, Fedex etc.)

What “Maur” could you ask for?

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