Nova Module

About Nova Module

Nova Module, LP, develops and implements cloud-based “SmartConnectors” (integration products) on the Celigo’s iPaaS platform (, builds custom integrations between various cloud-based systems, implements its own products and acts as a SI (system integrator), and provides an on-going support to its customer base. Headquartered in Oakland, California, Nova Module, LP is also an official SDN Partner of NetSuite (Oracle+NetSuite).

Nova Module Key Features

  • It is a SmartConnector that has a set of settings that allow the connector to suit most common use-cases.
  • It is built on a true iPaaS platform
  • The connector boasts a state of the art field mapping tool that helps map field between the two systems easily; the mapping tool is exposed to the end-user which allows for a greater self-reliance
  • Easy to use dashboard and the settings UI
  • The connector utilizes NetSuite robust saved search feature that is used to identify data that needs to be exported out of NetSuite and imported into ShipStation
  • The connector can be implemented and turned on live in a matter of hours (some assumptions: must be out-of the box connector without any add-ons and / or customizations; both systems must be live; decisions on what settings to enable are quickly made
  • The connector can create new orders in ShipStation by re-exporting already exported orders into ShipStation (add-on)
  • The connector can import sales orders into ShipStation as split orders based on an item that can be assigned to a particular ShipStation store ID (add-on) (connector does not split orders out of the box)
  • The connector can import sales orders into ShipStation and identify items that can be shipped by itself (add-on) (connector does not split orders out of the box)

ShipStation ♥ Nova Module

This partnership will allow you to send sales orders from NetSuite to ShipStation, get the fulfillment data back into NetSuite once sales orders in ShipStation are shipped, and, if necessary, update product data from NetSuite to ShipStation.

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