About StreetPricer

StreetPricer is an automated pricing engine for online stores. StreetPricer will price track and reprice by scanning eBay and Amazon for your competitors. Higher turnover. More profit. Less staff.

For both catalog and non-catalog items, StreetPricer finds your competition with ItemSpecifics, keywords, or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

StreetPricer connects to multiple eCommerce platforms and supports eBay’s multi variations.


Automated scans
Our system will constantly automatically scan listings on eBay and Amazon for competitors’ listings. We use a combination of ItemSpecifics, Keywords, ItemIDs, and AI in our scanning procedures.

AI Scan
Our AI Scan brings in suspects onto the Radar without the need for customers supplying keywords. AI Scan analyses a listing’s Title, Category, ItemSpecifics, and Price, and tries to look for suspects that are selling the same products.

Supports Multi-Variations on eBay sites
Multiple levels of product variations are supported. Different Styles → Colors → Sizes

Multi-platform connectivity
Enables your store to connect to Neto, Magento, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Automated competitor identification

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StreetPricer makes your prices ahead of your competitors, which increases customers to purchase your product, and enables you to use ShipStation to ship your product!

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