Waypoint helps businesses implement and support cloud Inventory and Supply Chain solutions.

About Waypoint

DEAR Inventory’s biggest and most experienced implementation and support partner globally.

The world of inventory management can be complicated. There are a vast array of acronyms that to the uninitiated can be intimidating. But strip it back, and it’s relatively simple. It’s about applying standard rules to your unique situation. We know the rules because as a team, we’ve got years of experience delivering successful inventory projects.

But we’re not complacent; we know better than anyone that no two inventory management projects are ever the same. We’ve developed our own process to make sure we get to the heart of your process. When we get the clarity we need, that’s when we can set about selecting the right technology partner.


  • End-to-end implementation and change management
  • Business process analysis, design, and support
  • Inventory and stock control
  • Simple or complex assembly
  • Supply Chain Integration

ShipStation ♥ Waypoint

Waypoint and ShipStation share the desire to help users manage their fulfillment workflow more efficiently. Whether it’s inventory, supply chain, or order fulfillment, our partnership is here to help merchants fulfill their selling and shipping needs.

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