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Published on July 31, 2013
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Chubbies offers shorts that harken back to the days of old where shorts were the go-to garment for a man’s weekend. These are not to be confused with the dreaded and detestable cargo shorts, Chubbies shorts’ are a comfy, stylish, and liberating way to proudly display the “pants-are-for-work, and I’m not at work right now” mentality.

What They Sell

Shorts for the Unafraid


You have such a unique and awesome product, how’d you end up deciding to turn it into a business (and lifestyle)?
Basically, we were tired of looking at old pictures of our dads, uncles, and legends like Tom Selleck, Larry Bird, Arnold, etc. rocking sick, retro shorts and being unable to find anything comparable on the market today. So, we decided to make them ourselves, developing the original Chubbies prototype by drawing inspiration from 80’s style tennis shorts that our boy John McEnroe used to sport. We officially launched the company in the fall of 2011, selling first to our own friends, and then their friends, and then friends of their friends and beyond. We’ve grown like crazy over the past year and a half… turns out, we weren’t the only ones in search of radical, modern-day thigh liberators.

How did you decide on your company’s personality? (meaning your tone of voice, point of view, etc.)
When it comes to brand personality, we try and be as genuine as possible. So much of our brand is rooted in ethos — our character and personality define not only our shorts, but our customers as well – that when you buy a pair of Chubbies, you’re embracing the pants-are-for-work, 5 o’clock-somewhere identity we try to promote. At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of like-minded dudes trying to dominate the weekend the only way we know how: thighs out. Chubbies isn’t just a shorts company – it’s a lifestyle.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?
Chubbies has been cranking out shorts at an awesome clip this year and ShipStation has been invaluable in helping us run our fulfillment engine. The level of customization ShipStation allows has been fantastic. We have lots of little quirks that make our fulfillment process uniquely challenging, so being able to mold ShipStation to our needs has been immensely helpful. The more I can automate the order process, the more time I have to manage and oversee larger details of our fulfillment and warehouse. ShipStation has brought us to a place were I no longer fear our exponential growth – I welcome it!

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?
For our specific product, the ability to batch up to 500 orders at once has been crucial to our fulfillment success. That being said, my favorite ShipStation “feature” is actually the wonderful customer service and support team. Once we began switching over to the software, it was fantastic to have a human on the phone helping me customize ShipStation to our business. Along the way, I’ve had specific questions and requests, and it’s never been any trouble to contact the support team and figure out what we can do. The support team is not only available, they are very action/results-oriented which is something we love here at Chubbies Shorts.

Jacob Beemer

ShipStation has brought us to a place where I no longer fear our exponential growth – I welcome it!

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