Published on October 13, 2015
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Like breath mints for your clothes, Reviver took Shark Tank by storm and came away with a deal. Here’s their story of how they got started, and how they’re using ShipStation to ship it all out!


From where did the idea of creating a portable wipe to freshen your clothes come?

A few years ago, I found myself in line at my local convenience store when a patron behind me commented that I “smelled like an ashtray.” Suddenly self-conscious and without another shirt to change into, I scanned the store shelves and quickly realized that there were lots of products to freshen my breath—mints, gum and breath spray—but nothing to freshen my clothes and hair. For weeks afterward, I couldn’t quit thinking about how we pick up and carry around the aromas from our day, but can’t easily rid ourselves of them. It was at that point that the light bulb went off (classic entrepreneur!).

I realized I needed something that didn’t exist—a method that would simply, discreetly and immediately swipe away unwanted odors—whether they came from the airplane, the gym, the nightclub or that bustling barbecue joint. Put off by the powerful anti-odor sprays that practically crop dust you, I thought of my solution as “a breath mint for my clothes”— compact, easy and ready to use when you need a whiff of confidence. After years of research and development, I created Reviver, the first-ever clothing swipe that can instantly erase lingering odors on clothes, or even hair, and leave you feeling and smelling fresh. We’ve since expanded our line to include Reviver Pets (for dogs and cats), Spark (with pheromones; for men and for women) and The Smoke Swipe. Tommy Chong loved The Smoke Swipe so much that we recently partnered with him to enhance our reach toward smokers of all kinds worldwide.

I’m happy to say that each of our lines has a feel-good, stand-closer-to-me scent that lets busy people like you and me stay fresh all day, no matter where you’ve been or where you’re going. This really is the easiest wardrobe change ever!

What was it like to be on Shark Tank & what has it been like since?

Shark Tank was an awesome experience for Reviver!! Given the success of Shark Tank, there are tons of online resources that we read extensively to prepare both for taping and for airing. Discussions with the Sharks are intense and last much longer than what’s seen on TV. We also fielded one particularly memorable question from Mr. Wonderful that caused the set to erupt in laughter. (YouTube Reviver and Shark Tank Outtake to find it.) After all was told, we made a deal with Lori Greiner, who was a great fit for our growth. We’re grateful to have had the chance to educate the Sharks and the Shark Tank audience about Reviver. The appearance definitely validates our goal of being the future of fresh.

Since Shark Tank, we’ve been working closely with Lori and her team to expand our nationwide distribution. On top of this, we’ve begun discussions with international distributors in both major and emerging markets. We continue to invest time and money in strategic research and development, and one of the most valuable things we do is to reach out to our customers to learn what we can do to improve our products. We’ve literally written scores of product ideas on whiteboards, and it’s such a great feeling when we have people excited about Reviver whose suggestions match up with our vision. That lets us know we’re on the right track!

How has ShipStation impacted your business?

ShipStation has been very positive for Reviver. Knowing that Shark Tank-driven traffic can quickly crash the most robust websites and webcarts, we load tested those platforms and had no concerns there. At the same time, we knew we would also need a robust ship management solution that – regardless of our stage of growth – would position us to fulfill all orders within 2 business days of order receipt. We did, in fact, experience a very large uptick in online orders after Shark Tank. Because ShipStation streamlines our fulfillment process, we’ve shipped all orders in under 2 business days and haven’t experienced any shipping delays.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

With customizable shipment confirmation emails, ShipStation helps complete the loop of consistent customer communication. Because we’re a new company offering all-new products, it is critical for our customer touchpoints to feel seamless, across website, social media, order shipment emails and post-order customer service.

Ben Kusin

ShipStation is a valuable partner helping us grow the Freshness Revolution!

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I'm Erika, the marketing manager for ShipStation. You'll find me on Twitter, Facebook, and the other areas of the ShipStation world. In my free time, I love playing & streaming video games, taking pictures of my cats, and doing other—generally nerdy—things. :)

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