ShipStation’s Ecommerce Roundup – July 18, 2018

Published on January 4, 2022
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Welcome to a special Wednesday edition of ShipStation’s Ecommerce Roundup! Hope you had a wonderful World Emoji Day yesterday. 😁

This week’s roundup has the lowdown on eBay U.K.’s new visual search, chatbots, voice search, and a bunch more.

Check it out!

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Email Turns 40, But Email Marketing Remains Relevant

Rather than considering email “old,” think about it more as “classic.” Because while, in technology terms, email might be ancient, it’s definitely not obsolete. And email is a powerful ecommerce marketing tool — as long as you take the right approach. Get some valuable email marketing advice from Kyle Henderick, Director of Client Services at Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

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eBay rolls out visual search on its UK site

Last week eBay U.K. launched its new Image Search function. No longer are eBay shoppers in the U.K. forced to comb through thousands of photos to find that one impossible-to-describe item that will make their life complete. Instead, they can enter a photo into the search bar and eBay’s AI and machine learning technology will take it from there. Find out more about’s latest feature from Internet Retailing.

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5 Ways to Focus on Product Benefits for Increased Conversions

The quality and uniqueness of your product descriptions determine a lot about the success of your ecommerce website. In particular, how well you craft this copy has a major impact on both your SEO as well as your conversion rate. Discover how to create benefit-focused (rather than spec-focused) product descriptions and boost your conversion volume.

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A Lack Of Local Payment Options Hurts Retailers

Cross-border ecommerce is growing. And for retailers big enough to jump into international selling, it’s a huge opportunity. But not only does every country have its own official laws, its residents also have their own payment preferences. If a retailer doesn’t offer these preferred payment methods, they’re leaving money on the table. Read the article to learn more about the importance of providing local payment methods.

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Chatbots to talk up $11B in cost savings by 2023

Automation is creeping into more and more aspects of retail every day. From self-service checkout kiosks to delivery by drones, retail has become a breeding ground for new tech. Voice assistants and chatbots are fast-becoming some of the most popular technologies in the retail sphere. See what experts have to say about the future of these AI-based tools.

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How To Reach Your Customers In The Voice Search Era

By 2022, smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are expected to be installed in more than half of U.S. households. This means an increasing number of American consumers will be relying on voice searches to shop online. Retailers need to adjust the way they write page copy as well as how their site search functions. Here’s how to optimize your site for voice searches.

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How to capitalize on your shop window with Google Shopping

Google Shopping has definitely been a boon for ecommerce retailers. Shopping ads are obviously great for engaging customers who are ready to buy. But they’re also an effective way for attracting shoppers who are just “window shopping.” Learn the 3 strategies to creating Google Shopping campaigns that capture customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

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