FedEx Peak Season Surcharges: What to Expect?

Published on March 27, 2024
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FedEx has announced peak surcharges that will impact both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. These rates kick into effect on September 5th and are expected to remain until January 2023. Many of these surcharges have been incremental increases and are higher than the previous year. 

Over the past three years, freight charges have remained on the higher side, and these additional charges further burden the shippers. Many factors have resulted in this situation – from the pandemic to restricted container availability and the boom in ecommerce related shipping. These revised rates mirror the market conditions of supply and demand that are expected during this period. 

FedEx Peak Season Surcharges for 2022

Surcharge nameServices affectedSurcharge per package, effective date
Peak — Additional Handling SurchargeU.S. Express Package Services, U.S. Ground Services, International Ground Service$3.45 (Sept. 5 – Oct. 2)
$ 6.55 (Oct. 3 – Jan.15)
Peak — Oversize ChargeU.S. Express Package Services, U.S. Ground Services, International Ground Service$39.50 (Sept. 5 – Oct. 2)
$68.75 (Oct. 3 – Jan. 15)
Peak — Ground Unauthorized Package ChargeU.S. Ground Services, International Ground Service$385 (Oct. 3 – Jan. 15)
Peak SurchargeFedEx Ground Economy Package Services$1.50 (Oct. 31 – Nov. 27, Dec. 12 – Jan. 15)
$2.50 (Nov. 28 – Dec. 11)
Peak — Residential Delivery ChargeFedEx Express and FedEx Ground U.S. domestic residential packages (excluding FedEx Ground Economy and FedEx One Rate packages)Based on the shipper’s “peaking factor” (Oct. 31 – Jan. 15)

The 2022 surcharges predominantly impact large-scale shippers who have increased cargo during the holiday season and those who ship bulky or oversized goods. FedEx’s approach has been to increase the profit margin per delivery, and hence, even though there has been a dip in shipping volumes, it has not translated into a reduction in surcharges. 

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