How to Expand Your Content With 360 Degree Video

Published on January 4, 2022
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To succeed online, your business needs to have visual content. And what’s better than simply including an image or video on your social media presence of website? Making it a 360 degree video instead.

Virtual reality is all the rage in digital marketing right now, thanks to its ability to offer consumers a more engaging and interactive way to experience your brand. With 360 degree technology, you can expand your video content without spending a fortune. Here’s what to keep in mind, and how to get started.

It’s Not Just a Different Angle

Simply put, 360 degree video is not just another way of showcasing already existing content. As YouTube highlights, it gives your audience control over what they see at any given time. Rather than owning the entire screen, you need to make sure that every part and angle of the video has something interesting for your audience to look at.

In that way, 360 degree video allows your audience to choose their own viewing experience. That, of course, means that in producing the video, you should be sure that all angles showcase your business and enhance your brand presence in the best possible way.

Tell Your Brand’s Story in a New Way

360 videos work especially well for businesses who already have a very visual presence. In that case, you can use the technology to maximize the impact of your existing visual persuasiveness. But even if that doesn’t apply to you, you can find a number of creative ways to tell your brand story and highlight your products in innovative ways.

Online retailers, for example, tend to struggle with showcasing their products in hands-on scenarios. Through a 360 degree video, you can change that fact by showing it in action to any web visitor on the product page. Alternatively, you can use the technology to showcase your extensive warehouse, suggesting the space you have to help customers find anything they need.

Build a Strategy Around Your Video Content

The best videos will only be as successful as the avenues through which you highlight them. Not surprisingly, the same thing is true for 360 degree videos. Rather than simply shooting an awesome video and then scratching your head about how to use it, go into the process with a plan in place and create a video specifically optimized for that plan.

YouTube, for example, now allows the upload of 360 videos. So does Facebook, even including a live option in the near future. And of course, through any of these possibilities, you can embed a 360 degree video on your website. The more you know about how you plan to use the video content, the more focused your production can be on the exact audience and context in which it’s viewed.

Find the Right Equipment For Your Needs

Of course, you cannot be successful in creating 360 degree videos without the right technology. Here are some examples of equipment that might work for you, thanks to its affordability.

  • Rico Theta S. Lauded by reviewers, it’s the perfect starter camera. You can shoot stills and video footage, while its wireless connectivity allows you to take photos using your smart device. At around $300, it’s affordable enough to make sense even for small budgets.
  • Samsung Gear 360. Smaller than the Theta and available with many of the same features (not to mention the same price), Samsung’s option, at under $300, is a viable alternative. The camera allows you to shoot two ultra-wide videos in HD, then stitch them together for a singular 360 degree experience.
  • Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K. It’s more expensive than both of the above, but still available for under $500. Its rugged design and shock-proof exterior make the PixPro especially viable for outdoor businesses who want to show off their product in the environment.

Of course, these are just a few of the many options you have. 360 degree video technology has arrived, allowing even small businesses to enhance their digital presence and expand their content. The result is more audience interaction, leading to better engagement and business growth.

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