Real for Real Reduces Shipment Errors by 85%, Expands Internationally with ShipStation

Published on March 24, 2022
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Real for Real needed to reduce shipping errors and manual resources while expanding the brand internationally.


ShipStation's automation features, batch printing, and overall reliability allow Real for Real to spend more time growing their brand.



reduction in errors


increase in processing speed

Shannon Storms Beador, founder and CEO of Real for Real, believes that healthy and natural products should be simple to attain for everyone. That’s why Shannon, a mom of 3 and TV personality on The Real Housewives of Orange County, decided to pursue her passion for health by founding her company. 

Shannon believes that getting healthy foods and supplements shouldn’t require a trip to an expensive health store or niche marketplace. With Real for Real, customers can get natural health products delivered directly to their doors for an affordable price. 

As the business scales and extends into Canada, Shannon trusts ShipStation to get their products where they need to go in an affordable, efficient, and accurate way. 

Right to your door, the right way

Shannon’s vision for the company is reflected in Real for Real’s business model: health should be an everyday thing, which is why the company offers a subscription service for their supplements, Lemon Aid Daily and Mineral-Aid Daily.

“A lot of my business is with monthly subscriptions,” Shannon says, “so I need to make sure that all of my customers are receiving their products every single month, that there are no issues, that there are no delays. And I don’t have to worry about that now because ShipStation is taking care of it.” 

Things weren’t always so simple for Real for Real, though. Before ShipStation, Real for Real used another shipping solution to launch their brand. According to Shannon, that solution left much to be desired. When the team started looking for a better way to ship, they focused on finding a solution that offered reliability, compatibility, and efficiency. With ShipStation, they found it.

“Before we started to use ShipStation, our software caused so many issues. We had to manually put orders in. There was no compatibility,” she says. “And this is my first shot to get my product out there. I can’t have problems, technical issues, compatibility issues, reliability issues — it was too much.”

Going international with ShipStation

Now that Real for Real knows that their shipping solution has their backs, the team has more time to focus on scaling on an international level.

“When we were looking for a new shipping software, ease, compatibility, and reliability were so important,” Shannon says, “Now, ShipStation helps me take care of my customers, and that’s very important to me.”

Since Shannon can depend on ShipStation to uphold the company’s high standards, she is able to dedicate her time and effort on their latest project: expanding into Canada.

“ShipStation has made Real for Real’s move into Canada completely seamless. We have had zero issues, and people in Canada are so excited that they’re able to receive our products. I mean, it was easy,” she says.

Scaling at such a quick rate isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. Now that Real for Real has a loyal customer base in not one but two countries, Shannon is looking forward to what the future holds.

“The sales for Real for Real have grown exponentially, and I am so grateful for that. We have surpassed our goals and we have more products coming out and I can’t wait,” she says.

What does that growth look like? Since integrating with ShipStation, Real for Real has: 

-Increased processing speed 5x

-Increased average order size 3x, while keeping fulfillment time about the same

-Reduced errors by 85%

The ShipStation difference

When it comes to healthy living, simplicity is key. Shannon feels that her shipping solution should play by the same rules.

“The beauty of ShipStation and our process is that we can train somebody within minutes and they know how to operate it,” says Shannon. “Also, ShipStation is super easy to use. I’m as low tech as it gets. So to be able to just click and have everything printed for me, labeled, ready to ship out… you couldn’t ask for more.”

Batch-printing labels saves Shannon’s fulfillment team time on the warehouse floor, in addition to keeping things organized. Fewer mistakes and quicker turnaround times are what really prove that ShipStation is working.

As a business owner, Shannon is always striving to keep the relationship with her customers strong. With ShipStation, she doesn’t need to worry about losing customers’ trust with an unreliable or unpredictable shipping model. 

“I’m a mom and I’ve got a lot of worries in my life. I know that my products are going to get out there efficiently, and everything is reliable. And I’m not going to have to worry about that,” she says.

A perfect team

Mitigating worries gives Shannon more time to focus on her products, her customers, and her life.

“Now that I have the right team around me, which includes ShipStation, I am able to focus my time on other things,” she says. “As a single mom who’s also running a company, one thing that I don’t have a lot of is time. That’s what ShipStation gives me. ShipStation gives me time so that I can develop new products, so that I can be a mother, and spend time with my children. And the customer is receiving a great experience as well, because everything is being handled.”

While Real for Real’s mission is to make healthy products attainable for everyone, Shannon’s fire for her business comes from a source a little closer to home. 

“All of the roadblocks that I faced, I overcame. And most importantly as a mother, I am teaching my daughters that you can create a business, you can start and accomplish anything you want to, if you have the passion and you set the goals.”

Are you ready to share your passion with the world? Begin your ShipStation free trial today to see how ShipStation can streamline your business. 

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