High-quality, high-growth online marketplace for selling refurbed tech

Back Market works with over 1,500 sellers to bring high-quality, professionally refurbished electronic devices to customers in 17 countries.

ShipStation’s open API is integrated into Back Market’s infrastructure to provide a centralized shipping dashboard that lets Back Market sellers have access to a range of services and offerings from ShipStation. Key benefits resulting from this partnership for Back Market sellers include: Streamlined and simplified shipping operations; access to more than 350 domestic & international carriers from a single user interface; support for multiple selling channels (marketplaces, shopping carts, tools, and carriers); ability to process large volumes of daily orders (batch processing, custom hierarchical rules, shipping presets, automated customer emails, etc.); cost efficiency by optimizing between carriers and access to package discounts.


1 -Boost Sales
Capitalize on a refurbished-exclusive marketplace expertise (single product ID & efficient algorithm) and leverage its fast growth (1.5 billion GMV 2021 forecast).

2 – Increase your Visibility
Only 1,500 merchants + 20 million monthly visits = more BuyBox opportunities.

3 – Expand your Market
45% cross-border transactions, and ongoing geographical expansion (16 countries), supported by merchant tailor-made services, such as BackCare (customer support) and FBBM (warehousing & fulfillment).

4 – Free Marketing
Take advantage of Back Market’s aggressive and bold marketing campaigns fueled by its $515 million funding.

5 – Merchant Support & Quality Guidance
Enjoy the white-glove support of Back Market’s Account Management & Merchant Success teams. 15 Quality Metrics provided to merchants and monitored daily. 13:1 # merchants to 1 account manager ratio.

6 – Fraud & Chargeback Protection
Through its partnership with Signifyd, Back Market covers all merchants against any fraudulent payments, and increases the approval transaction rate.


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