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Published on January 4, 2022
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If you’re in the alcohol business, you know just how many laws there are surrounding the purchase and sale of it. If you want to ship your wares, there are even more rules surrounding the process—especially between if you’re shipping to a different state.

Well, we’re here to make shipping your alcohol a little bit easier. You’ll still need to keep track of if you’re allowed to ship it in the first place, but we’ll take care of creating the special FedEx shipping label and letting them know of your shipment automatically. (At this time, this is a FedEx-specific feature.) All you have to do is check a box.

To designate that your shipment contains alcohol, find the order in your Orders screen and double-click it. Now, go to the “Other Options” page, and check the “This order includes alcohol” box.

FedEx Alcohol Shipment

Remember to save, and that’s it! We’ve taken care of the special label, confirmation type, and description for your labels, so you can now treat this just like any other shipment in your normal fulfillment processes.

As an additional resource, FedEx has a ton of very useful information on their site about the ins and outs of shipping alcohol.

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