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Published on January 4, 2022
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Here at ShipStation, we’re always trying to help you be more efficient and make your (ecommerce) life easier. To further that goal, we’ve released some new features for USPS and our app that you’re sure to love.

Automatically Purchase USPS Postage

Having to worry about whether you have enough postage to purchase your USPS labels already isn’t too much of a concern with ShipStation. We’ll automatically figure out if and how much postage you need when you’re creating your labels. But if you’re looking for an even more automatic process (and honestly, who isn’t), you can now have us purchase postage for you as soon as you hit a certain balance threshold. Simply click the “Purchase Postage” link for your carrier in the Settings area to set this up.



See Only the Package Sizes You Use

There are a lot of different ways you can send a package. But you don’t need to see all of them all the time. We’ve added a feature that makes it easier to see just what you need, from the preset package types from your carriers to setting your own custom package sizes.


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If you only ship a few different ways, you can now only have those show up in the list when you choose a package type.

Create your own custom package types & sizes for easy selection during shipment processing.

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Create your own custom package types & sizes for easy selection during shipment processing.


Automatically Track Your Shipments

Being able to quickly tell a customer on the phone exactly where their order is in the world is priceless, so we’ve made it even easier to do just that! For certain carriers—USPS, UPS, and FedEx—we will automatically update your shipments’ tracking information so you always get the freshest information. As always, you can hover over the icon to get even more information about the shipment, including where it last was, or when it was delivered.




We’re very excited to share these new features with you today! Keep an eye on our blog for even more feature announcements as we make 2015 your most efficient year yet!

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