Tophatter is the world’s fastest growing mobile shopping app for women. Nearly every item sells, and sells within an average of 90 seconds!

About Tophatter

Tophatter is re-imagining discovery commerce for the mobile era. We are the world’s fastest, most entertaining marketplace for mobile shoppers. We connect buyers and sellers around the world in real-time auctions that are both fast and effective. Leveraging our ever-expanding data for merchandising and personalization, nearly every item sells, and sells within an average of 90 seconds.


Guaranteed Exposure
Every item featured on the front of site and mobile app

90 Second Auctions
Creates excitement and sells items quickly

8 Million Deal Seekers
Deal-driven consumers looking for new products

Dedicated account manager to grow your business


Tophatter is all about selling in volume, fast and now with this new integration you can ship in volume, fast. Here at ShipStation we understand the demand for quick and efficient fulfillment and shipping. With the new ShipStation and Tophatter integration, spend less time fulfilling orders and more time growing your business.

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